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  • Who are we?


We are a group of highly trained and skilled emergency medical technicians whom volunteer our time to the community.

Linked is an article from the EMS Professional Magazine Jan 2014 Issue explaining who we are.


  • What are we?


We are an ambulance service that provides contracted on-site and/or emergency management for a wide variety of events that have the potential to need first aid and/or emergency medical services.


  • Where are we?


We are located in the city of Kenosha; however we offer service to all of Kenosha County, and the surrounding counties.


  • Why are we here?


Milwaukee Journal article from March 2, 1947 about a train wreck that happened in Kenosha on February 23, 1930:


"At a combined speed of nearly 100 miles an hour, a passenger train and a freight train approached each other on parallel tracks of the North Shore electric lines.  A motorist, intent on beating the freight train to the crossing, was struck by the passenger train, setting five coaches swaying.  One of the coaches slammed into a freight car.


In an instant there was grinding roar as steel met steel in horrible, screeching bedlam.  Fourteen persons died, 100 were hurt.  The February sky flared with flashes from short circuited wires.  The crackling electricity was drowned out by the raising wail of the injured, the dying, and the frightened."


One of the many people who offered medical help to those injured by this horrific accident was Howard Gatley.  Howard happened to be an executive with the Kenosha Boy Scout Council, and had been trained in first aid.  As a result of this accident, Howard Gatley, the Kenosha Boy Scout Council, and the Red Cross founded Scout Leaders Rescue.


Since that time, Scout Leaders Rescue ownership has changed from the Boy Scouts of America and the Red Cross to an independent non-profit ambulance service provider.  Scout Leaders Rescue has been a stand alone organization since the late seventies. 

The below picture is a historic Scout Leaders Rescue ambulance from 1942 First Aid merit badge book from the Boy Scouts of America.


  • When do we act?


We provide our contracted emergency medical services for any event, for any desired time length.  We are also available for self pay BLS transports. 

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